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International Students

Victoria International Ballet Academy, in partnership with Rotman Arts and Science School, warmly welcomes international students every year. Our comprehensive academic and arts program offers a holistic learning experience, fostering essential skills and knowledge that empower students not only in their post-secondary education but also throughout their future endeavors. Nurturing artistic passions, our dedicated and experienced teachers are committed to guiding students towards both success and knowledge.

Student Visa

The Canadian Government grants visas (Study Permits) to students accepted by Canadian educational institutions. Upon acceptance into programs at Victoria International Ballet Academy and Rotman Arts and Science School, students will receive a Letter of Acceptance and all the required documents to facilitate their Study Permit application. Upon arrival, students will land at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, where our representatives will meet them and ensure a smooth transition to their designated homestay.

Homestay Service

International and out-of-province students have the option to request our homestay service, providing them with accommodations with one of our designated homestay families. Academic and arts classes are conducted on the academy’s campus from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and from 12 pm to 3 pm on Sundays (for dance and arts programs only). Students enjoy a one-week break every two months and a two-week Christmas break. Those enrolled in the Homestay Program receive continuous supervision, with exceptions made for their leisure time and school breaks.

English Language Programs for International Students

Canada welcomes tens of thousands of students from countries worldwide, with many seeking to enhance their English language skills. Our educational system is designed to accommodate students with a limited command of the English language. Specifically tailored for foreign students, our educational program aims to immerse them in a stress-free English environment. Rotman Arts and Science School provides an intensive English study course for those who are interested.


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Work Opportunities

Graduates of Rotman Arts and Science School have the flexibility to pursue further university or college studies in Canada or another country. Those choosing to stay in Canada can secure a permit to work on the campus of their university or college, with the potential to apply for permanent resident status later on. Graduates who achieve the Diploma as Ballet Dancers are given the unique opportunity to audition for the Victoria Ballet Company, where they may embark on a professional career as ballet dancers.

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