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“Our mission is to unveil hidden talents and instill self-confidence, discipline, and respect through the art of classical ballet. We wholeheartedly support every student, nurturing their creativity and offering distinctive growth opportunities. Whether they aspire to a professional performing arts career or pursue higher education, we empower them to chase their dreams.” – Victoria Mironova (Artistic Director) 

Victoria International Ballet Academy is dedicated to exceptional ballet and dance training rooted in the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Method. Our founder, Victoria Mironova, a Vaganova Ballet Academy graduate, holds a master’s diploma from this renowned institution. This legacy continues with our principal teacher, Ms. Elena Dmitrieva, also a Vaganova Ballet Academy graduate with a master’s diploma.

Our commitment to this method is further reinforced by our younger teachers, who have undergone training not only at the Vaganova Ballet Academy but also at the prestigious Kyiv State Ballet School, and other esteemed institutions in the world of ballet. We take pride in the fact that our teachers possess extensive on-stage experience at some of the world’s most prestigious ballet theaters and companies. This firsthand experience enables them to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation with exceptional effectiveness. With our deep expertise, we guide our students meticulously, providing comprehensive knowledge and nurturing their talents.

Join us to experience the most effective North American system for achieving classical dance excellence. Our academy proudly welcomes passionate students from around the world.

Our Mission

We aim to unveil hidden talents, inspire self-confidence, discipline and respect through the teaching of classical ballet. We support each one of our students, fostering their creativity and providing unique opportunities for them to grow and pursue their dreams, whether they choose a professional career in performing arts or a university or college career.

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Our Values

  • Respect: For oneself, others, the arts, and our environment.
  • Excellence: Achieved through discipline, dedication, and exceptional instructors.
  • Creativity: Nurturing the curiosity and creativity of our students to help them discover their best selves.
  • Commitment: A dedication to pursuing dreams and education responsibly.
  • Passion: Embracing a holistic approach to the arts with resilience, love, and enthusiasm.
  • Safety: Our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming school environment.


Established in 2003 by Ms. Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova), M. Ed., and Vladimir Demine LLB, Victoria International Ballet Academy boasts a rich legacy rooted in the renowned Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg. Ms. Victoria, with 21 years as a classical ballet dancer, joined the Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg and graduated in 1995 from the Teachers Department of the Vaganova Academy, specializing in ballet pedagogy and choreography.
As a second-generation Russian ballet professor, Ms. Mironova inherits knowledge from the famed Vaganova syllabus, having been a student of Natalia Dudinskaya, who, in turn, learned directly from Agrippina Vaganova.

In 2004, the academy transformed into a full-time day school, seamlessly blending academic education with professional ballet training. Recently, VIBA partnered with Rotman Arts and Science Private School, allowing full-time professional ballet program students to earn both a High School Diploma and a Ballet Dancer Diploma. This dual certification empowers them to pursue professional ballet careers or continue their academic pursuits.

With over two decades of ballet and academic excellence, our academy has nurtured numerous accomplished ballet dancers and professionals, leveraging their training to make significant contributions in both the dance community and academia.

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Real Stories from Satisfied Customers

I Have Attended Victoria Ballet Academy For 6 Years. The Teachers Are Very Kind And Caring Towards Me. Throughout These Years, Victoria Ballet Academy Helped Improve My Ballet Technique Tremendously.​
Jessica Li | Student
Victoria International Ballet Academy has taught me and many others the beautiful art form of ballet, and gave us amazing opportunities on a real live stage. If you want your children to learn and gain great experience in Ballet, this school is highly recommended.
Eyal Makarashvilli | Student
Both my girls have been attending this ballet school for 8-10 years. The training is classical following the Vaganova syllabus. They have been lucky enough to have performed in some wonderful classics with this School, such as Cinderella, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Les Sylphides. Excellent training!
Lisa Thalassinos | Parents
My 3-year-old daughter is now enrolled in the third season at Victoria Ballet Academy. The Once Upon a Princess program was a great introduction to the school, its amazing teachers and the world of ballet in general. This year we’re lucky to have Ms. Mironova herself taking the little ones under her wing and showing them real ballet discipline. We love the instruction quality, the cozy atmosphere and the personal approach and highly recommend the school to kids of all ages.
Alina Chernin| Parents
You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.
Merce Cunningham
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We offer ballet classes for children, teenagers and adults with the best ballet teachers in a friendly and welcoming environment according to the Vaganova method.