Art Class with Ms. Valery in the newly renovated classroom for Grades 1 and 2

November of 2016 was a month full of significant changes. On a global level, the Americans elected Trump as their president, and El Comandante’s passing marked the end of an era. Regardless of where we stand on these issues, the one thing that we can all agree upon is that we want this world to be better for our children.

To that end, on a local level,  at VIBA and ASAC,  we continue to work enthusiastically towards providing our students with superior education and artistic training every day of the week.

Arts and Science Academy of Canada recently passed the Ministry of Education’s inspection, proudly renewing our right to grant high school credits and eventually diplomas to our graduates.

We are continuing with kindergarten enrolment for a new group to begin in January 2017.

We have almost finished renovations to classrooms for our middle and high school students on the second floor of the building. This is yet another stage of our school improvement plan that began last year.

As always, our students from 2.5 to 60 years old, are inspired by their love of ballet and the arts to be the best they can be.

Have a nice weekend and keep supporting the arts.

Vladimir Demine

School Principal