Konatsu Takizawa

Thank you for teaching me three years. Your ballet class was so much fun for me. That’s why I couldn’t wait ballet class every day. I experienced a lot of new things when I studies here. For example pas de deux in Nutcracker and Cinderella etc… thanks to you, I was able to have the best experience in my life. I am really grateful for everything you have taught me. You’re the best ballet teacher ever. Good teachers like you are rare and extremely difficult to come by. If all the teachers in the world would be like you, school would become so much fun the children would never want to come back home, hehehe. I am so proud of you, yesterday, today, forever you are special to me. I can’t thank you enough for your help and kindness. You smiles always make me feel happy. I’ll never forget the happiest days I spent with you. Thank you for all the loving memories. Whenever, wherever I love you forever. You are my Canada’s mother, hehehe, I’ll painfully miss you and VIBA but I’ll forever living in my heart. I hope your life will be brilliant more than now. I hope to visit VIBA someday with my family. If you come to Japan please text meJ. Don’t forget me. Bye-bye. I love you!