Math, Science, and Technology Fun Club

Arts and Science Academy of Canada invites all children aged 9 and over to join our Math, Science and Technology Fun Club (MSTFC).  As a subdivision of our Technology Fun Club we also have Chess Fun Club.

Children will boost their mental ability, and will develop their analytical and logical skills.

We will prepare them for an advanced level of knowledge in Mathematics, Science and Technology.  This extracurricular club will take place on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Students will acquire the skills needed to participate in competitions, perform well in exams, successfully complete their school courses and in the long run they will become ideal candidates to be accepted into the best colleges and universities.

MSTFC will provide students with an in-depth understanding of scientific concepts and will teach them how to work with computers, software, electronic circuits and devices –including the knowledge of the tools and techniques required for building and programming robots.

Also, it will teach children home repair skills, such as repairing home electrical appliances and much more.

The club will work under the guidance of expert teachers Mr. Benjamin Fradkin and Dr. Rashad Abrarov.

If you are interested in joining this club, please email us at  to provide you with more details about the curriculum.

Join our club!  The first class is free!

Home Repair and Electronics for Kids

(First Group 7-11 years, Advanced Group 11+)

  • Learning to Work with Tools and Power Tools
  • Furniture (Woodworking) – Wiring Repair – Elements of Plumbing
  • 100 Things to Know Before You Grow Up
  • Tackle Any Home Repair Project with Confidence
  • Learning and Prepare Elementary Electrical Circuits and Devices
  • World of Logic Chips, Amplifiers and Sensors
  • Computer Building and Repair
  • Installation and Administration of Software – Windows and Linux
  • Security and Home
  • Security Systems
  • Safety at the work place

Math and Science Fun Club

(First Group 9-12 years, Advanced Group 12+)

  • Programming, Animation and Game Creation
  • Chess Classes to Boost Mental Abilities
  • Brain Training – Awaken Your Inner Genius
  • Fascinating Numbers – Ideas that Changed the World – Pearls of Number Theory
  • Amazing Science Experiments
  • Discussing Math and Science Paradoxes
  • Powerful Web Tools
  • Unix, Linux and Windows
  • Python and Java
  • Data Management and SQL
  • Tools and Techniques for Building and Programming Robots
  • Internet Hacking and Anti Hacking
  • Cyber Security