Our lives are so hectic, and it is not always easy to bring our children to their after school activities.  In general, some of the common reasons why children are late or miss classes are:

Parents have to leave work late.
Traffic on roads (especially in the winter)
Children who are not ready on time.

Even though we understand that every now and then these circumstances may arise, we would nevertheless like to reinforce why it is so important for your child to be on time for ballet class.

At school and at home  we always try to teach good habits for a successful life, for example, you teach your child to be organized, clean, respectful, disciplined and attentive. All these good habits are also part of committing to learning a discipline such as ballet (and many others).

Being on time for a lesson shows respect to the teacher and classmates, as every late attendance distracts other students in the classroom and disrupts the difficult work of the teacher.

The first minutes of every class are used for warm up which is crucially important to the child’s well-being, as all muscles and joints have to be prepared for more difficult exercises.

Ballet lessons also help your child with mind development. The beginning of each lesson helps your child concentrate on ballet and on the teacher’s instructions for the whole lesson. This attentiveness and concentration will also greatly help them in their academic studies.

Preparing for the class is just as important. While preparing your child, please talk about the lesson, about their interaction with peers and the teacher, and talk positively to your child for a fruitful lesson. Always remind your little ones to go to the washroom before ballet class.

In terms of appearance and uniform, please make your daughter a neat bun with no flyaway hair. This will help her to be respectful towards ballet, and her self-image as a ballerina, and it will also prevent hair from being on her eyes and face, especially during turns and pirouettes. You will need hair pins, bobby pins, gel or spray, elastic bands and hair nets.

In regards to the uniform, we encourage parents to teach children to wear clean ballet clothes and shoes, another great habit for life!  Even at a very young age children can start learning how to take care of their own dancewear and dance bag.

We really appreciate your efforts to bring your children to Victoria International Ballet Academy, the school with the best ballet and choreography education.


Sincerely yours,
Victoria International Ballet Academy