Victoria International Balle Academy’s Dancewear Shop welcomes students and the public in general to purchase the famous Grishko dancewear and footwear.  The store is located at 7 Bradwick Drive in Vaughan, Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area, inside the facilities of Victoria International Ballet Academy. Professionals and students of dance and gymnastics can now find the best quality dancewear at the best prices.

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For girls from the ages of 7 to 9, the shop offers the new and most comfortable collection of “Alice” soft shoes by Grishko. The newest technology of Pointe shoes such as the “Triumph” model has been developed based on the features most requested by world-famous ballerinas. Lightweight, with beautiful balance on the generous platform, ease of roll-through, a hand-applied anti-slip sole, lower heel height, supportive wings and a graceful U-shaped medium vamp, providing contemporary appeal, superb performance and timeless beauty.

You will find “Triumph” and many other of the newest products from Grishko’s GSK line. We can also help you order your custom made pointe shoes and enjoy the feeling of having your own shoemaker in Moscow working to guarantee the highest quality for you. Please contact us at (905) 707-7580 or email us at

Items Available


  • Pink (with skirt) (children sizes)
  • Burgundy (Camisole Leotard with interlaced back detail)
  • Midnight Blue (Navy) (Camisole Leotard with interlaced back detail)
  • Black (leotard with mesh bodice detail)

Soft Shoes (Ballet Slippers)

  • GSK V-shaped Soft Shoe
  • Sizes for children and adults (26-39 European measurement)

Pointe ShoesPlease take notice that all our Pointe Shoes are $88.14 + tax. Orders of 10 and more: Start at $56.
Please call 416-905-707-7580 for details.

  • Triumph
  • Triumph Pro
  • Nova 2007
  • Nova 2007 Pro
  • Grishko 2007
  • Grishko 2007 Pro
  • Grishko 2007 Pro Flex
  • Maya I
  • Alice


  • Pink Tights (Regular)
  • Pink Tights (Convertible)


  • For Pointe shoes (Satin)
  • For soft shoes (Cotton)


  • Character Skirt two-tone double layered skirt
  • Character Skirt two-tone double layered skirt (flower design)
  • T-Shirt with Grishko Logo Navy blue
  • T-Shirt with Grishko Logo Burgundy


  • Kitri Act I
  • Kitri Act II
  • Raymonda
  • Laurencia
  • Sleeping Beauty (Blue Bird)

Product Shots

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boarding school photo

boarding school photo