Professional Ballet

Victoria International Ballet Academy trains its most dedicated students for a professional ballet career.

Master ballet instructors, certified by the Qualifying Committee of the Vaganova Ballet Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia), build on 300 years of experience developed by the world’s best ballet school (formerly Imperial Ballet School). The training is given according to the Vaganova method.

Teachers of the Academy are not only professional ballet dancers but also they have received university ballet pedagogic education. This ensures the highest quality of ballet education and makes the Academy an outstanding professional ballet education institution.

Students who successfully pass the graduating exam of the Professional Program obtain an Artiste de Ballet Diploma. It gives them a professional designation, much like a lawyer or a doctor, which they can use to launch their professional ballet careers in performance or, with additional training, in teaching.

Some of our graduates go on to dance professionally, some teach professionally, and others embark in new and exciting careers based on the knowledge and skills acquired at our academy. This is an extremely rare opportunity offered to our students.

Professional ballet training may begin at the age of 9 provided that the child has had previous physical training. Preparatory levels are available for children from four years and older (in Kindergarten and Elementary School). Victoria International Ballet Academy is the ideal environment to cultivate both a child’s love for the art of dance and his or her enthusiasm for learning. The philosophy and teaching system of the Academy help its students to strive for the highest possible results in dance and academics.

Victoria International Ballet Academy is inspected by Ministry of Education of the
province of Ontario as Arts and Science Academy of Canada. Ontario school number 667420.