Message from the Principal

The day school of Victoria International Ballet Academy provides its students with a sound foundation to achieve academic and professional success. We want them to be the best, so we work each and every day to help them become confident, empowered and wise individuals. We know they will be inspired by their artistic strengths and will become more resilient as a result of their experience.

What helps shape the success of our students?

The philosophy of the academy: We offer a stimulating academic and dance curriculum designed for students to reach their goals and meet their full potential. Considering the astounding results obtained so far, there is no doubt that our system, based on a synthesis of education in its commonly accepted meaning, and the edification of the student’s character by self-management and conquest of the self have helped achieve our main educational goals by following these principles:

Mental and Physical Preparation is achieved through daily creative thinking exercises in academic classes paired with rigorous physical and artistic training.

Success Consciousness of our students is developed by supporting their desire and faith to reach their goals. Self-confidence is developed through their personal achievements and successful public performances.

Creative imagination of our students is fed on the knowledge of opportunities and their limits. They set their goals not on the basis of what they can do but based on their dreams and always searching for ways to achieve what they have imagined. The school prepares them with the necessary academic knowledge, life skills, and character development for better results.

Decision making and determination is taught through a process of learning how to make independent decisions and do their best to achieve positive results through organization, and planning for success. They know that a temporary failure is not a defeat.

Courage helps not to fear criticism and frank self-analysis. Students learn how to analyse their mistakes, set and reach high goals and standards, and nourish further success. Having received their education in an environment of success, students at the Academy will reach their highest potential and we will be able to witness their transformation into successful members of our society.

Day school Calendar 2016-2017 

Victoria International Ballet Academy is inspected by the Ministry of Education of the
province of Ontario as Arts and Science Academy of Canada. Ontario school number 667420.