Ballet Body Toronto

Running on a treadmill, and lifting weights are a good way to get in shape, but often we become stuck in a boring fitness rut, or simply begin to plateau. If you are looking to put a new twist on your workout routine, maximize weight loss, while also work on your posture development, and flexibility skills, we can help!
At BALLET BODY we are transforming your workout, your body, and mind! Our team of Toronto’s top ballet and fitness professionals have created a program that maximizes the benefits of a workout by the unique fusion of ballet, pilates, and endurance training. With regular training you can expect to develop long, lean muscles, weight loss, fix posture, and develop flexibility. We are now available at our Vaughan location, with regular classes happening ever Monday and Thursday.

“Ballet Body” is a ballet-based fitness program. Created by a team of professional dancers to bring the countless benefits of ballet to everyone.

Are you ready to transform your body and mind?

At BALLET BODY we are reforming your fitness workout, and maximizing the benefits through the unique fusion of ballet, pilates, and endurance training.

  Our program will leave you with long, lean, and strong muscles, better your posture, workout your flexibility, and help kick off those extra pounds!

This program was developed by our top Toronto ballet professionals based on the training they themselves use to keep lean and in shape throughout their professional ballet season.

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