Canada enjoys some of the best talent from all over the world. Ms. Victoria Mironova (better known to her colleagues as Vita Evdokimova) is one of the brightest representatives in the realm of Russian ballet, who in 2003, established a reputable professional ballet school in Toronto.

Ms. Victoria Mironova

Ms. Victoria Mironova

Ms. Victoria Mironova (Vita Evdokimova) has been a ballet teacher for more than 20 years. Students from different countries come to Victoria International Ballet Academy for her vast experience and knowledge as a ballerina and as a teacher. Ms. Mironova was a ballerina for 21 years, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Read more

Ms. Victoria Mironova is better known to her colleagues as Vita Evdokimova

At a young age, Ms. Victoria passed her examination to become part of the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was one of the best students of the Russian prima ballerina Natalia Dudinskaya who learned and mastered the Vaganova system for ballet instruction directly from Agrippina Vaganova.
Surrounded by the artistic environment of this famous ballet school she studied classical ballet, choreography, music, and history of ballet as well as academic subjects. During eight years of training , she participated in performances at the Mariinski (formerly the Kirov) Theatre where she also had the opportunity to admire and learn from stars such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Irina Kolpakova, Vladilen Semenov and many others.

She was one of the best students of the Russian prima ballerina Natalia Dudinskaya

Then came her own professional career as a ballerina for 21 years in St. Petersburg, Russia, followed by 5 years of studies at the pedagogical school of the Vaganova Academy where she began another stage in her life.

She is the one of a kind teacher that you want your children to have

And it is this wealth of knowledge and experience that makes Ms. Mironova one of the only real teachers of ballet in Canada.

Ms. Victoria is a mother of two talented daughters.

Polina, the older daughter, is a researcher at a Toronto hospital, and about to finalize her Master’s degree. Elizaveta Mironova is a ballerina with the Moscow State Ballet and a student of the Moscow University of Arts, department of choreography. She graduated from Victoria International Ballet Academy in 2011. As a mother of two, Ms. Victoria understands the importance of a good education, self-discipline and instilling love for the arts and culture at a young age in order to accomplish success in any of life’s endeavours.

It is easy to think that knowing something is the same as being able to transfer that knowledge. However, anyone who has tried without the right skills knows that this is far from true. Ms. Mironova founded her academy with the advantage of not only having experienced the stages of famous theatres but also of being a real educator, a specialist in teaching. Being strict is her way of caring, as nothing can be accomplished without hard work and respect in the class. Being demanding is her way to trust, as she knows that when her dancers go on stage they will show command of the technique and artistry learned in her classes. She is the one of a kind teacher that you want your children to have, because she is the best.

Veronica Rojas, mother of 2 ballet students