It was 10 years ago when the school was established by Victoria Mironova and Vladimir Demine with the purpose of creating the ideal environment to bring up healthy and culturally rich generations of young people. Classical ballet was chosen as a tool to educate mentally and physically strong children, as well as organized, focused, and ambitious students.  If you are interested in learning what Ms. Victoria Mironova thought and what she shared with her guests on opening day, read her article “About ballet, theatre and the school”.

During all these years, the Academy has seen graduated students enter universities, obtain scholarships, perform on the stages of the best European theatres, and some have been offered positions as ballet dancers and teachers. We know that the stories of success we have witnessed so far will repeat themselves for all our current and future students.

The grand opening of the school at its very first location took place on April 5, 2003. This year, we are planning to celebrate our 10th anniversary on May 11th. Before that, we invite you to follow the school’s most important achievements during the last 10 years in this and future emails: 

As many might know, the school was founded by two enthusiasts with little capital. The first student of the school registered during the first month of the school’s operation. In the spring of 2004, students of the Academy performed for the first time on the small stage of York Woods Library Theatre. The school was very lucky to have many talented students who made up the core of the school’s first professional group.  Soon after, the Academy approached the Ministry of Education of Ontario with a request to register its day school division. After the initial inspection in September 2004, Victoria Ballet Academy was registered with the No. 667420.

To be continued…