Toronto Ballet public warmly welcomed Cinderella of Victoria Ballet Company

Toronto ballet lovers had a wonderful opportunity on to see a classical ballet Cinderella on March 29th at Living Arts Centre of Mississauga. I attended this Cinderella ballet of Victoria Ballet Company, where students of Victoria International Ballet Academy participated in some of major ballet roles. Watching this wonderful performance was a very uplifting experience!

The principal dancers of this production were Anastasia Loskutov playing Cinderella, an alumna of a Toronto ballet school the Victoria International Ballet Academy, and Vitali Krauchenka, a leading dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, playing the Prince. They are both dancing professionally in the United States and they gave us an absolutely fantastic Cinderella and Prince!  Other leading roles were performed by graduating students of this fine ballet school. Cinderella and the Prince created the magic of their star-crossed love for one another during their solo numbers. They also looked like Cinderella and her Prince should, and their stage presence was absolutely astonishing!

Cinderella will be performed for the Toronto Ballet audience in Richmond Hill on February 15, 2015

Toronto ballet - Cinderella was performed by Victoria Ballet Company


There were many people in the production that deserve honorable mention. The Stepsisters, Akane Suzuki and Konatsu Takizawa (graduating Japanese foreign students of the Academy) and Maryluna Santos (Colombian foreign student), who played the Stepmother, were very funny. The King played by Ricky Resijan (Victoria Ballet Company member) made you want to watch him because he made his presence felt! The little mice played by the young members of the Academy were, quite simply, adorable!


The entire Company helped to deliver the wonder of Cinderella to their audience. But the ballet belonged to Anastasia Loskutov! The next Cinderella will be performed for the Toronto ballet audience in Richmond Hill on February 15, 2015, at Centre for the Performing Arts. There is no need to explain that all this magic is owed to the creator of the ballet Victoria Mironova.

Ms. Victoria Mironova, Artistic Director and choreographer of Victoria Ballet Company and the creator of its Cinderella was initially taught by a teacher of the former Imperial School of Russian Ballet presently known as the Vaganova Ballet Academy.  At the age of 11 she passed the competitive examination and was enrolled in a full-time program at the Vaganova Academy where she studied for eight years. In the latter years of her studies she danced parts as a prima ballerina, performing at the Mariinsky Theatre (formerly the Kirov Theatre). She obtained 21 years of professional dance experience with the Mikhaylovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1995 after five years of university studies she graduated from the Pedagogical Teachers Department majoring in teaching ballet and choreography as per the Vaganova syllabus. She has taught ballet, character and historic dances in Russia and Canada.  She is the founder, artistic director, and teacher of Victoria International Ballet Academy and Victoria Ballet Company that produces classical ballet, located at 7 Bradwick Drive, Vaughan, L4X2T4, 905-707-7590,

Victoria Ballet Company employs mostly graduates of the Victoria International Ballet Academy but auditions and employs ballet dancers who received their professional education at other ballet schools. It gives them the opportunity to experience the joys of dance and their professional growth. The company in cooperation with the Academy offers ballet summer intensive program available for dancers from all over the world.

Helen Klukatch