As parents we are always doing what we believe is best for our children. I think
that one of the most important things we want for our children is for them to
be happy. But what about the “learning” experiences, the values, the discipline
we all know are needed to be a complete, mature, and productive human being?

A very interesting, and even ambivalent point, is how we want to protect our
children from any harm knowing, at the same time, that it is unimaginable for
anybody to grow and mature without experiencing at least some hardship.

To me, everything requires an effort. The difference between a fruitful effort
and a futile one resides on how much we enjoy what we do to achieve what we
want. For my daughter, and I am absolutely sure of this, dancing is the passage
through which she arrives at that sort of Promised Land where everything in the
horizon is worth the effort.

While I watched my daughter dance in The
, the splendid December 2011 ballet staged by Victoria Ballet
Company, I realized that it is only through a combination of discipline and
enjoyment that our children can achieve what they truly want, what they, beyond
any doubt, are meant to be and to do.

Yes, you cry and smile for a few minutes. She is up there, dancing, recreating, after
long hours of hard work, what talented artists wanted to share with the whole
word: A beautiful work of art, a fine, exquisite ballet piece now being
performed by our own children. She is combining the music and the very
difficult steps to take us to that beautiful, fleeting moment when for us proud
parents, everything is perfect.

I want my daughter to be happy, but also independent, self assured, strong, and
aware of other person’s needs.

Performing at The Nutcracker Ballet and of course the excellent training she has received at
Victoria Ballet Academy has given her one of the many keys I know will open the
doors to a life of achievements and happiness.


(parent of one of VBA’s students)