Our Summer Intensive Program is coming to an end. All dancers, both international and local have had the opportunity to enhance their ballet technique and make new friends during the last 3 weeks. On Friday, August 15 we would like to invite you to come and enjoy the show prepared for family members and friends.
Please let us know if you are coming! For friends and family who do not RSVP, the cost will be $10 at the entrance.

1) Esmeralda
2) Giselle
3) Polka
4) Tchaikovsky Excerpts
Piano Performance
5) Pearls
6) Talisman
7) Piano
8) Florina
9) Venice Carnival Variation
10) Contemporary Dance
11) Contemporary Dance
12) Piano
13) Piano
14) Piano
15) Odette
16) Swans
17) Small Swans
18) Coda