All dancers participating in Act 2 will meet with their teacher or volunteers at the Theatre’s Plaza Suite  (on the left, right after entering the theatre) during intermission, once Act 1 is over.  If your child is not watching the show with you, you may drop them earlier at the same place.  We kindly ask you to bring your daughters ready with a nice hair bun and the make up they will use on stage.

Boys who participate in Act 2 in Contemporary Dances should come ready in their dancing attire. Please bring them to the backstage door during Intermission after Act 1.

We have received many questions in regards to how to make a nice ballerina bun, especially for our little ballerinas in Recreational and Beginner Ballet programs. We invite you to watch this video on youtube.

There are many others that may help you, depending on your daughter’s hair type.

If you still need help make sure you come before the show begins (half an hour) so that our volunteers or teachers can help you.  Make sure your girl’s hair is clean and bring everything they need (brush, pins, hair nets, spray, etc.) as for hygienic reasons they cannot share these items.


Please remember that there are no classes scheduled for Tuesday June 11. We will resume classes on Wednesdays June 12.

Thanks for your help to make this Gala Concert 2013 a success.