The Summer Camp and Intensive Ballet Program at Victoria Ballet Academy has been the most
successful so far. About 100 ballet, dance and active life style fans have attended the
camp and program so far. The school students happily greet newcomers and make them feel
welcome. Every child finds best friends by the end of the very first day at the Academy.
After an energetic lesson of ballet and ballet gymnastics, taught by Ms. Victoria
Mironova, the founder and artistic director of the Academy, and other teachers (Naira
Ramazanova, Anastasia Loskutov, Lisa Mironova), only at the swimming pool time do the
students start feel relaxed. That is necessary, as they have the ballet rehearsal every
day, after swimming. Those who do not feel like having that much, choose art, math and
chess classes. The next Friday, August 14, starting 1:30, the children will have a piano
concert performed for them. Everyone is welcome to attend it free of charge at Victoria
Ballet Academy, 7751 Yonge St, Thornhill, , 905-707-7580.