Dear friends!

     Every year world famous ballet stars, the artistic directors of the major world ballet companies and students from different ballet schools around the world come to St. Petersburg to participate in their famous Dance Open Festival.

   Our School was happy to represent Canada, this month of April, during the 11th Dance Open Festival. This was a very special occasion because as part of the 11th DANCE OPEN Festival, dancers celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of ballet legend Natalia Dudinskaya. During her career, she was the laureate of four USSR state prizes, she was appointed as People’s Artist of the USSR and as honored citizen of Saint Petersburg among many other awards and recognitions. Natalia Dudinskaya was also the teacher of our Artistic Director, Victoria Mironova. 

  From the beginning we were impressed with the hospitality and beauty of St. Petersburg -the Russian Cultural Center City-.   The hotel and all services were amazing. Every day our students had a master class with prominent Russian teachers and dance instructors (from the Vaganova Ballet Academy, the Mariinsky Theatre, etc.) We visited the Hermitage Museum and had an interesting city tour. Two Ballet Concerts with International Ballet Stars and The Gala Concert, with the participation of our students, left us all with an unforgettable experience. 

 Dance Open Festival 2012, St. Peteesburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Petersburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Peteesburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Peteesburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Peteesburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Peteesburg, RussiaDance Open Festival 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia






We are already looking forward to our next trip in 2014 and

we would like to invite all our students and friends to join us.

Please read the reviews by our students.




Our Students  talk about Trip to St. Petersburg.


Time passed very quickly. I have spent the most valuable time in my life. The trip did not fail at my expectations. Five times of the master classes were amazing; I gained lots of detailed ballet especially about port de bras. I felt very honoured to learn from all the famous teachers. Through Arthur Mitchell, one of the ballet instructors, we all leaned how to do combinations of barre on the floor with a thera band. It was very helpful, and I believe if I keep working I will be able to become much more better at the ballet.

The streets, Downtown, the buildings are all old and historically interesting. They make me feel that I flew to the century of Renaissance. Hotel “Ambassador” was very clean, bright and gave awesome service: Especially, the food – it was fantastic. I enjoyed so much.

I was really impressed by the participants of The Gala Concert. The concert opened from the huge and magnificent theatre. All participants were excellent with nothing to say. They gave me too much joy and pleasure. After the Gala Concert which was the last but not the least event, I felt I want to stay more, but as we planned we came back to Canada.  

This trip is the one that I cannot forget forever, they gave me greatest experience for my future and present. A very appreciate to Ms. Victoria and Mr. Vladimir who provided me this opportunity and took care of us during this wonderful trip.


I really enjoyed the trip. We had Ballet Classes every day and we had performance. I loved Ballet classes in St. Petersburg. Everyday different teachers taught us. Students were beautiful dancers. I was happy to join them. I was excited before class every time. I did not want to come back to Canada actually because I loved those classes so much.

Other day we went to sightseeing and watching Ballet. There were a lot of beautiful buildings. Ballet concert was amazing. I saw many beautiful ballerinas. We could watch concert two days. I was so happy. I had good experience in St. Petersburg.


It was my first trip to St. Petersburg.  Master classes were with famous ballet teachers.  Students were long legs and very skinny and beautiful faces. First time I was very nervous. However, students and teachers were kind to me. I had pleasant and enjoyable lessons. On April 14 there was a performance. I danced Kittori Variation. The audience finished every variation with a great cheer aroused.  I was happy to perform.

Other performances were so amazing. I was so impressed.

St. Petersburg has many beautiful buildings and pretty shops.

I spent great time!!!!

I love St. Petersburg.