An Invitation for all Dance Lovers.

The Mariinsky ballet, (a.k.a the Kirov) will be performing in Ottawa on February 24 to 27, and Victoria Ballet Academy is inviting you to spend two incredible days visiting museums and the National Gallery of Canada. Of course the highlight of our trip will be the Kirov’s staging of one of the great classic ballets: La Bayadère, with a backstage visit to the stars of this wonderful ballet of unrivalled technical expertise and breathtaking elegance.
La Bayadère takes place in the royal India of the past, and it’s a tale of love, mystery, fate, vengeance, and justice. The ballet relates the drama of Nikiya, a temple dancer, or bayadère, who is in love with Solor, a noble warrior at the service of the Rajah, who also loves her. However, the Rajah’s beautiful daughter Gamzatti also loves Solor and given Solor’s position as the Rajah’s soldier and following his orders he decides to marry her. The High Brahmin’s unrequited love for her will then see an opportunity to force her to love him. All this drama will lead to the scene of the Kingdom of the Shades, one of the most famous scenes of this ballet.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy La Bayadère, staged for the first time in St. Petersburg by the Imperial Ballet in 1877; it has long been a classic that only the Kirov Ballet can bring back in its original version with choreography by the ballet master Marius Petipa and music by Ludwig Minkus.
“Beautiful dancing, perfumed with the delights of 19th-century classicism, and performed as only the Kirov can.” The Times of London
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