Dear Ms. Victoria,
I would like you to know how much I appreciated the Nutcracker performance this past December.  It surpassed all my expectation and it was so enjoyable to watch.  I was totally blown away by the beautiful choreography of the performance, and my senses were drenched by the gorgeous music, the superb dancing, and the romantic scenery the very moment the curtain rose.  I am sure everyone was impressed with Anton Korsakov.  He made me think of Baryshnikov right away.  I mean the gestures were so alike, and the dancing was just beautiful!  So you see how much I have enjoyed all the shows.  I said to my husband what a lovely surprise it was for Christmas.  I also think the show was more charming, endearing, and more intimate than a huge production where sometimes too much detail can be overwhelming.  I have also seen a few PBS (Public Television) performances of the Nutcracker and so far you are the best!
For me, the evenings and matinee were pure magic.  Thank you, Ms. Victoria, and bravo!!! 
Your new biggest fan,
Elizabeth Manz