Anastasia Loskutov:  I Am a Ballerina


My name is Anastasia Loskutova, and I am a ballerina. I want to tell you a story about my journey thus far. I was born to a family far removed from the arts, and at an early age – when I was 4 – we moved to Canada. Growing up I was physically weaker than other children, and doctors made me do all sorts of strange exercises without any results. Instead, in their infinite wisdom, my parents signed me up to Victoria International Ballet Academy under the guidance of Victoria Mironova.

Four years of intense exercise under the guiding hands of Ms.Mironova later I had returned to the doctors. They were completely amazed, the improvement was staggering! Ballet, we were told, was the wisest decision my parents could have made. Even more importantly, I had found a passion: a lifelong love for ballet. I had graduated from Victoria Ballet International Academy with a high-school diploma and an Artist of Ballet diploma.


“I remember the atmosphere in the school. It always was warm and welcoming.”


Besides the fact that the school gave you an education and a ballet career, I remember the atmosphere in the school; it was always warm and welcoming. I work now for an American ballet company, and every time I am back in Toronto I hurry back to my school. Because of the professional level of the school it’s no wonder that students are flying in from around the world. This summer I met some new students from Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, USA, Germany, Colombia, Costa Rica, and China.  In my opinion this is the only professional ballet school that also gives you a general education at a high level. Every morning I went to school knowing that I am one step closer to reaching my goals in ballet and in school. By my graduating year I had a professional repertoire in my portfolio, I already had danced many leading parts from well known ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Le Corsaire.

I have competed in China, Ukraine – where I took first place in an International competition, Russia, and USA. Traveling so much gave me the opportunity to make many new friends around the world, yet, despite all the new people I have met, my best friends are always those from  Victoria International Ballet academy.  We’ve been best friends for over 10 years now; they are some of the closest people in my life.  Elizaveta Mironova became a ballerina; she also trained at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg after graduation, and at the National Ballet School in Ukraine, Kiev. Liza is a very talented ballerina, with amazing technique and a breathtaking jump making virtually any ballet look easy. This year she has been invited to join The State Russian Ballet Theatre in Moscow, Russia. Keren Barak got accepted into university as soon as she finished school too, she’s majoring in Devise Theatre, her dream is to become an actress.


“…some people say there is a crisis in the world of ballet  today.”


Speaking of dreams and ballet – some people say there is a crisis in the world of ballet  today. As someone who has travelled most of it, I can tell you that it is far exaggerated. Like with any profession, ballet isn’t easy, but there is plenty of room for success. I saw in St. Petersburg that it is close to impossible to get tickets to the ballet. People love and appreciate this art form and want to see great performances. It is incredibly hard to get into a good ballet company or theatre, you have to really dedicate your whole life to this profession to succeed, not to mention that you must work 110 percent every day. You would also need a world class teacher with impeccable technique and style – which is why I feel so lucky to have gone to Victoria Ballet Academy. I’ve learned that hard work will get you far – and it has. Thanks to my teachers at Victoria International Ballet Academy now I am able to say “I am a Ballerina”.