victoria-ballet-academy-children-pre-primary-school-26Are you looking for a ballet school or for a ballet teacher? What is more important to you?

 By: Vladimir Demine, Principal

Victoria International Ballet Academy is not only a school.

Our teachers really make the difference as they are not only former well-known ballerinas who are now teaching ballet; they actually received university pedagogical education to learn how to impart the right skills and technique to ballet students.

For more than 20 years, Victoria Mironova and Elena Dmitrieva enjoyed a professional ballet career in St. Petersburg, Russia, and both studied for 5 years at the pedagogical faculty of the Vaganova Academy.

A leading ballet teacher of the National School of Dance of Portugal and former prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, told Victoria: “You are a real academician, something I have always lacked and I wish I had in my possession.” I participated in this conversation when we were on a trip to a ballet competition in China.

When a former or acting ballet dancer with rich professional experience obtains a university teacher’s education, the students will really benefit. Time is such an important non-renewable resource, both for parents and students, that using it wisely or wasting it can really make a big difference in the future of a dancer.

The difference is in having a teacher who will teach properly or a teacher who believes in his or her abilities without a solid foundation. I respect all the people who have the courage to start a business, open a ballet school, and have the determination and self-confidence to lead ballet classes.

However, I do not like it when they try to exaggerate the number of years of experience they have and when they claim professionalism in teaching without proper teachers’ pedagogical preparation. This disturbs me because in this age of free marketing (read: freedom to sell by deceit) it deprives so many promising students of their only chance to succeed.

This is the major, but not the only advantage of Victoria International Ballet Academy. When you choose a ballet school, look for a combination of skills, pedagogical and educational background. Don’t just choose a sign that reads: “Ballet School”. Choose professionalism and experience.
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