Toronto ballet. Three Graces. Victoria International Ballet Academy.Ballet traces its roots to the early days of the Italian Renaissance, and to the halls and ballrooms of royalty and nobility. Since then ballet has evolved into the science and dance form we know today.
Ballet lessons offer the most comprehensive boost to overall development any activity has to offer. Children in particular enhance their physical fitness, strength, flexibility, psychological development, self-confidence, and creativity. Students learn how to set goals, how to manage stress, and how to accomplish great things by taking small steps, thus providing a tremendous confidence boost, and, just as importantly, a unique opportunity for children to see that hard work pays off in the end – with unbelievable results! Not everyone has to become a professional dancer – all the benefits can be gained through recreational weekly ballet classes as well.
To illustrate the impact of ballet on our students’ lives we can tell you the story of one of our graduates.  Anastasia’s Physicians were skeptical about her ability to exercise actively at Victoria International Ballet Academy, but when she went back to see her doctor a year later he could not believe the improvement in her condition. It was all thanks to the results obtained through ballet lessons. The formerly fragile child went on to become a professional ballerina in a U.S. ballet company.
Another student, Elizabeth, took lessons at Victoria Ballet Academy for about two years, starting at four years old. Her health issues began to fade away during these two years of regular ballet classes.
Finally, Nikolas, he had problems with focusing on any prolonged mental activity, which negatively affected his school work. After a few months of ballet classes his attention span improved dramatically; Nikolas was able to focus on particular tasks enough to complete them. His progress in ballet classes was reflected through higher marks in school. Three years later, he was admitted to the National Ballet School of Canada. Over the years we have seen many more students improve with ballet lessons.
emilia gala small Such results can only be reached under the guidance of experienced teachers, who have spent decades developing comprehensive and effective ballet curricula. Victoria Ballet Academy is lucky to have just such teachers – Ms. Victoria Mironova and Ms. Elena Dmitrieva, both have a Masters Degree in Education with a major in ballet teaching. They performed professionally for more than 20 years for the world’s best ballet companies in Russia, and  have had more than 10 years of intensive teaching experience in Canada. One would be hard pressed to find teachers of this caliber anywhere else.
Ballet lessons are not just another activity, they are the combination of the full range of developmental needs a child has while growing up. Moreover, ballet lessons provide the same benefits to adults – health, wellbeing, confidence. Our teachers, our lessons, and our community provide something that is so difficult to find, yet so immensely important in our lives. They give us the means to achieve beauty, grace, and success.