A Victoria Ballet Academy production

Artistic Director: Victoria Mironova

June 15th, 2011 at 7:00pm

Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

10268 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 3B7

Box office: 905-787-8811

Tickets online

Featuring the Graduating Students of the Professional Ballet Program
as well as the day-school and after-school students of the Academy.

This year’s concert features variations from Le Corsair, Don Quixote, Chopiniana and other famous classical ballet performances.


Act I

A. Glazunov, Polonaise. Graduation ceremony

P. Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty, Waltz

T. Werner, Chicken Dance , The Bunnies

L. Debiles, Coppelia, Musique Automates

J. Schubert, Musical Joke

C. Saint-Saëns, The Carnival of the Animals, Gallop

P. Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb

S. Prokofiev, Cinderella, the Dance with Oranges

A. Rybenov, Celebration, Russian folk dance

10. M. C. Hammer, Can’t Touch This, Contemporary dance

Act II

C. Saint-Saëns, The Swan (Anastasia Loskutov, graduating student, professional program)

A. Adan, Gyselle, Variation

F. Herold, La Fille Mal Guarde, Variation of Lisa (Anna Pogulyaeva, international Student, professional program)

J. Schubert, Children’s Dance

G. Bizet, Carmen, Variation of Carmen (Anna Rybalko, graduating student, professional program)

L. Minkus, Don Quixote, Variation of Kitri, act 4 (Desanka Djonin, graduating student, professional program)

L. Minkus, Don Quixote, Variation of Kitri, act 1 (Anastasia Loskutov, graduating student, professional program)

J. Bayer, Pas de Trois, The Fairy Doll

A. Adam, Le Corsair, Le jardin animé, Waltz

A. Adam, Le Corsair, Le jardin animé, Adagio

C. Pugni, The Pharaoh’s Daughter, Variation of Aspicia

Keren Barak (graduating student, professional program)

A. Adam, Le Corsair, Le jardin animé, Pas de trois des odalisques

A. Adam, Le Corsair, Pas de Deux (Lisa Mironova, graduating student, professional program), Ricky Resijan (guest dancer)

A. Adam, Le Corsair, Le jardin animé, Apotheosis


Les Sylphides, Choreography: M. Fokine, adopted by Victoria Mironova, Elena Dmitrieva

Les Sylphides is a short, non-narrative ballet, originally choreographed by Michel Fokine in 1909, with music by Frédéric Chopin orchestrated by Alexander Glazunov. This is often described as a “romantic reverie”. It was the very first ballet not to have any plot: The Poet dances with sylphs.

The Poet: Ricky Resijan (guest dancer)

The Sylphs: Anastasia Loskutov, Anna Rybalko, Desanka Djonin, Keren Barak, Lisa Mironova (graduating students, professional program), Anna Pogulyaeva, Seo Yae Won (international students, professional program), students of Victoria Ballet Academy

Act IV

A. Borodin, opera Prince Igor, Persian Maids

L. Jacobson, Gossipers, Choreography adopted by Elena Dmitrieva

M. Glinka, Jota Aragonesa, Spanish folk dance

F. Liszt, Czárdás, Hungarian folk dance

Usher, Yeh, Contemporary dance

C. Cassya, Polka, Chech folk dance

G. Rossini, Tarantella, Italian folk dance

J. Didyulya, Flamenco, Spanish folk dance