Boarding School

The Academy welcomes students from all over the world.  We train them to become professional ballet dancers, and prepare them to enroll and excel in the world’s best colleges and universities. The school is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education as Arts and Science Academy of Canada.School front cropped

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Students attend the school Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. They have a one-week break every two months, and a two-week Christmas break. Students may attend additional ballet and contemporary dance classes on evenings and Sundays. Boarding students are supervised at all times, except during their leisure time and school breaks. They are provided with a room, meals, transportation to and from the school, and with constant personal support.

 Tuition fee

The combined academic and ballet school tuition fee for non-Canadian residents is 16,000 CAD per year. Scholarships or financial assistance may be granted to certain students at the sole discretion of the academy.  The boarding or home-stay fee is $1,200 CAD per month.

Dormitory living roomAdmission

As the first step, an assessment (audition) of the child’s physical and creative potential needs to be scheduled. Local students must take an auditioning class. Out-of-country and non-local area students are invited to send a video of their ballet class conducted by a ballet teacher. In order to provide you with additional help please send us your basic information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

For more information about the Academy please contact us directly by phone 1-905-707-7580 or email to You can also write to us in your native language.