The academic division of Victoria International Ballet Academy is a full-time private school inspected by the Ministry of Education of Ontario as Arts and Science Academy of Canada.

Canadian and international students graduate from the Academy with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which provides them with the opportunity to continue university or college education. Academics are taught for children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 during the day concurrently with ballet classes on-site.

The proven methods of traditional European academic systems and the high level of mentor involvement and engagement in the learning and artistic training process provide them with the optimal environment to acquire important life skills. Our students become confident and mentally and physically strong with the help of our skilled and passionate instructors.

VIBA Academy Divisions:

  • Pre-School
  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • Secondary School

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Elementary School: Grades 1 – 8

Secondary (High) School: Grades 9 – 12

At this early age – 3 and a half – students are hungry for knowledge and primed to absorb a lot of information. Our kindergarten program provides this knowledge in Math, English, Science, and French lessons. Students participate in fun educational activities, get outdoors play time, a warm lunch, and before they realize it, they have completed the curricula for grade 1 while still in kindergarten. Give your children a leg-up in education and help them start their schooling years right with a solid foundation, curiosity, and a desire to learn more.

The parents of our current students know that by bringing their children to our ballet classes the results will be great posture, flexibility, strength, healthy habits and discipline of mind, all of which are taught as part of  ballet classes. Imagine if your child could obtain all these benefits on a daily basis. How much faster and better would the results be? Now add those skills to your child’s academic learning process.

What makes our students so successful?

The daily combination of intellectual and physical work gives them strength to achieve superior results.

Admission to JK and SK is open for all children capable of engaging in active physical exercise. When your child is at our school, you will forget about the child’s immune problems, sleepless nights, and lack of appetite.

pre-school viba photo

You are just one step away from excellence in education! Transportation to and from school can be arranged.

Students in primary school take part in an enriched educational program designed to help students reach their full potential. Our students are exposed to a culturally rich curriculum with emphasis on English, Mathematics, and French – all fueled by creativity and discipline! Our program is extremely efficient, and it helps students maximize their energy and curiosity. That is why our students are usually ahead of the public education program, particularly in mathematics. Help your children advance faster and retain more knowledge, contact us today!

Starting in January Arts and Science Academy of Canada (the day school department of VIBA) will implement the Big History Project curriculum that will present students with the entire history of the universe – scientifically accurate – as the conceptual framework for learning Mathematics, English, Science, French, Social Science, and Arts. Why is this great? The program was developed by an Australian history professor and is currently supported by a range of scientists and educators including Bill Gates. Having a framework for all knowledge and learning helps students develop a worldview that is consistently interconnected and meaningful, where, like in reality, everything follows everything else. If you’d like to know more, please contact us at:

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Middle school is a very important step before high school – unfortunately, many public schools are very lackadaisical about it and allow students to progress through the years regardless of actual knowledge gain. We disagree with this approach and believe that it is very important to provide students with a powerful base from which to enter high school. Our program is focused on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for high school and beyond.

Our strong math program provides students with considerable logic and strategy skills that are useful in all areas of school. Bilingualism, as supported by research, is essential for student success and high level of achievement, which is why our school has an extensive French program before high school as well. As in our Kindergarten and Junior programs, students are one to two years ahead of public education when they study at the Arts and Science Academy of Canada.

High school can be a difficult time for students, the volume of information increases exponentially compared to previous years and the expectations are suddenly much higher. Those students that complete primary school at Arts and Science Academy of Canada find little difference from their normal routine – they are prepared well for the rigorous demands of high school. Those who start their educational careers at the Academy from high school are not left behind as our programs are fully compliant with the Ontario High School Curriculum for all courses.

Some of our teachers also give lectures in universities and so we are intimately familiar with the environment and requirements on new university students – our curriculum is designed to help students be ready and excel from the very first day at a higher education establishment, be it Canada, USA, Europe, or anywhere else in the World.

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Victoria International Ballet Academy is inspected by the Ministry of Education of the province of Ontario as Arts and Science Academy of Canada. Ontario school number 667420.