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The premiere of the ballet «Cinderella» staged by Russian ballerina and choreographer Victoria Mironova will take place on March 29, at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. This is a unique opportunity to see real ballet, created in the best tradition of Russian classical ballet. This production will be full of humor, kindness, and happiness.  The bright music, wonderful decorations and costumes, and fine choreography will delight the audience attending this charming performance presented by Victoria Ballet Company.

People from all walks of life living in our multicultural society will relate to this story of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances which are changed into a remarkable fortune.

Cinderella ballet was staged for the first time in Moscow, at the Bolshoi theatre, after the Second World War was over. People had been longing for something beautiful, compassionate, and inspiring, and so they accepted the ballet with enthusiasm. Sergey Prokofiev, a genius Russian composer created the music for Cinderella and Romeo and Juliette; music which is a true gift to humanity.  Today, there is no ballet company or theatre deciding not to have these ballets in their repertoire. Cinderella’s story has drawn the attention of many great choreographers. Every creation is different. Victoria Mironova’s Cinderella is a wonderful, light fairy tale that will entertain children and adults alike.

Cinderella will be danced by rising Canadian ballet star Anastasia Loskutov, an alumna of Victoria International Ballet Academy, who is now a soloist with Columbia Classical Ballet Company in the U.S. The role of the Prince will be performed by Andrei Krauchenka, soloist of the American Ballet Theatre. Some leading roles will be performed by graduating students of Victoria International Ballet Academy who will demonstrate virtuosic dancing, acting skills and talent.

This show is danced and performed thinking of you, our dear ballet enthusiasts. Do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy Cinderella ballet at the Living Arts Centre on a pleasant spring evening. This is real ballet for the whole family!