Konatsu Takizawa Review

Konatsu Takizawa Victoria, Thank you for teaching me three years. Your ballet class was so much fun for me. That’s why I couldn’t wait ballet class every day. I experienced a lot of new things when I studies here. For example pas de deux in Nutcracker and Cinderella etc… thanks to you, I was able to have the best experience in my life. I am really grateful for everything you have taught me. You’re the best ballet teacher ever. Good teachers like you are rare and extremely difficult to come by. If all the teachers in the world would be like you, school would become so much fun the children would never want to come back home, hehehe. I am so proud of you, yesterday, today, forever you are special [...]

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Lisa Thalassinos Review

Lisa Thalassinos Both my girls have been attending this ballet school for 8-10 years. The training is classical following the Vaganova syllabus. They have been lucky enough to have performed in some wonderful classics with this School, such as Cinderella, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Les Sylphides. Excellent training!

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Miglena Lazarov Review

Miglena Lazarov Victoria Ballet Academy is our weekly pilgrimage for the fifth year in a row. People ask me why we go so far, can't we find dance schools in our area (we live in Don Mills). Of course we can. But I fell in love with the Victoria Ballet school, from the first day we set our foot there. I remember the girls not wanting to leave and being mesmerized by the lesson of the older students they watched. The ballet training has done so much for their physical and intellectual development, and for their confidence! I also love the warm atmosphere and the wonderful people I met there. We also take art and piano classes at the school, after ballet classes, and to this day, my biggest challenge [...]

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Alina Chernin Review

Alina Chernin My 3-year-old daughter is now enrolled in the third season at Victoria Ballet Academy. The Once Upon a Princess program was a great introduction to the school, its amazing teachers and the world of ballet in general. This year we're lucky to have Ms. Mironova herself taking the little ones under her wing and showing them real ballet discipline. We love the instruction quality, the cozy atmosphere and the personal approach and highly recommend the school to kids of all ages.

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