Learning Ballet – What is the best age to start?

There are many compelling arguments for beginning ballet classes at an early age, and it is generally believed that this will produce the best results in terms of long-term success. The big question that many parents ask is “how young is too young?” Many children show an interest in dance, music and movement from an early age (some from as soon as they begin walking!) and there is absolutely no reason not to encourage this interest. One of the best ways to support this interest is to enroll the child in a pre-ballet class. Many schools (including the Victoria Ballet Academy) offer pre-ballet classes for children over the age of three. Here the child will be introduced to a world of rhythm and excitement in a loosely structured environment. This [...]

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Gala Concert

We are thrilled to announce our Gala Concert that will take place on June 18 – 19 at 6:30 pm in the great premises of The City Playhouse Theatre. We will perform The Best Ballets and Dances produced and staged by Victoria Mironova, Artistic Director, Choreographer. Cast: students of the day school and evening/weekend program of the Victoria Ballet Academy and guest dancers Produced and staged by Victoria Mironova, Artistic Director, Choreographer For more information please refer to the theatre section of our website. Looking forward to see at the theatre.

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Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Americas) visits the Victoria Ballet Academy

The Honourable Peter Kent, M.P., Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (the Americas) and his wife, Mrs. Cilla Kent, visited the Victoria Ballet Academy on Saturday, November 8, 2008. They congratulated the school's grade 10 students Lisa Mironova, Anastasia Loskutov and Maria Petin with their successful representation of Canada at the 2nd International Ballet Competition in Beijing, China, which took place from October 25th to 31st, 2008. They also expressed their pleasure at the students' safe return home. Mr. and Mrs. Kent posed for a picture with the school's students, the school's Founder and Artistic Director, Mrs. Victoria Mironova, the school's Principal, Mr. Vladimir Demine and Mrs. Helen Dmitrieva, Teacher and Choreographer.

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Open House Success

The Open House of the Victoria Ballet Academy took place on May 31, 2008. The guests witnessed the successful examination of the school's students in classical ballet and character dance. Representatives of different ballet schools, including the National Ballet School, rewarded the grade 9 students with high and very high marks. The grade 9 students have advanced to their 5-th year of the professional choreographic education.

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