Open House!

On Saturday, May 10 Victoria International Ballet Academy is inviting everyone who is interested in visiting our school, to our OPEN HOUSE! We will be offering free trial ballet classes! Come between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and you can take a look at our facilities, our ongoing classes and receive information on all our arts programs and our Day School (academic lessons plus professional ballet training). Bring your friends and family members who may be interested in excellence in education and great after-school ballet and art programs.  

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CINDERELLA   The premiere of the ballet «Cinderella» staged by Russian ballerina and choreographer Victoria Mironova will take place on March 29, at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. This is a unique opportunity to see real ballet, created in the best tradition of Russian classical ballet. This production will be full of humor, kindness, and happiness.  The bright music, wonderful decorations and costumes, and fine choreography will delight the audience attending this charming performance presented by Victoria Ballet Company. People from all walks of life living in our multicultural society will relate to this story of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances which are changed into a remarkable fortune. Cinderella ballet was staged for the first time in Moscow, at the Bolshoi theatre, after the Second World War [...]

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Article in Russian: Victoria Mironova an Immigrant in Canada

ПОРТРЕТ НЕДЕЛИ: ВИКТОРИЯ МИРОНОВА (ЕВДОКИМОВА) - Я родилась в семье военного врача-хирурга. Мама была инженером по строительству мостов. Как видете, никакиx артистических корней нет. Но оба моих родителя безусловно были людьми творческими и одаренными. Они определили мою судьбу, отведя в возрасте 10 лет в Академию балета имени Вагановой в Санкт-Петербурге, которую я закончила в 1978 году, не имея ни одной четверки по специальност и – только пять. В одном из лучши х балетных театров мира – ныне «Михайловском» - я прослужила, как говорится, верой и правдой 21 год. И, закончив артистическую карьеру, стала учить детей. Но предварительно я сама проучилась 5 лет на педагогическом факультете Академии Вагановой и получила соответствующий диплом – высший в нашей пр Вопрос: Вы говорите, что эта школа является Вашим главным достижением? Чем она отличается от [...]

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Interview with Victoria Mironova

VICTORIA MIRONOVA: AN IMMIGRANT IN CANADA  Dear Victoria, will you please introduce yourself for our readers? I am the founder and artistic director of Victoria International Ballet Academy and of Victoria Ballet Company. Today this school is known beyond Canada. Students from around the world study here to get a wonderful academic and ballet education and in some cases they continue their life here in Canada. I came to Canada from Russia, after I finished my career of a ballerina and became a ballet teacher. What brought you to Canada? As in the case of most immigrants, my husband and I were looking for a better life for us and for our children. Things were not going well in Russia when we moved here. I do not mean the economic [...]

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Interview with Vladimir Demine and Victoria Mironova

Read this interesting interview with Victoria Mironova and Vladimir Demine after a beautiful show of Chinese dance.

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Event at VIBA for our Russian Speaking Friends

This  Sunday, November 24  we are inviting our Russian speaking friends, students and parents to a Charity Classical Music Concert-Lecture by Boris Kazinik together with Swedish violin virtuoso, Boris Kazinik. Come and enjoy  "Hidden Secrets of a Culture". This event will take place at Victoria International Ballet Academy's premises. For more information please follow this link:   Увлеченность и откровение - вот два вихря, несущих из города в город, из страны в страну этого человека. Его окрыленность безбрежна. Его талант безграничен. Михаил Казиник: музыкант, искусствовед, актер, режиссер, телеведущий, писатель, педагог. И самое главное - этот человек Просветитель. Что нужно ему от нас, таких самодостаточных, знающих что хорошо и что плохо, таких зрелых и в меру культурных людей? Как удается ему за несколько минут разговора вернуть нам детское ощущение радости в этом [...]

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I am a Ballerina

Anastasia Loskutov: I am a Ballerina   Q: Anastasia tell us a little bit about your background A: I was raised in a family who was not involved in the arts. My family moved to Canada when I was only 4 years old. Growing up I was quite a weak child, because of my spine problems doctors insisted on me wearing a back brace that would hold my back in the appropriate position. But instead of this my wise parents decided to take me to a ballet school and that is how I became part of the wonderful environment of  Victoria Ballet Academy. After about four years of intense practice with my teacher Victoria Mironova I went back to the doctors and they admitted that starting ballet was the smartest decision [...]

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