Big History for Young Minds

Have your children ever asked you “why do I need math” or “why do I need science”, or any other subject for that matter? Perhaps you have wondered upon the relevancy of one topic or another in the grand scheme of knowledge. As the sum of all human knowledge grows our ability to study and remember it seems less and less adequate – in fact, it is impossible for any one individual to remember all information even within one specific area of one specific field. Ask any scientist and they will confirm this assertion.

Memory is a skill as much as dancing ballet or solving mathematical functions. Not everyone gets to be a world famous expert but we can all improve and gain quite considerable proficiency if we have the right teachers. One of the most important rules of remembering information is a meaningful context. When a meaningful and logical storyline corresponds with learned material, it is much easier to remember. David Christian, a historian at the Macquerie University in Sydney, Australia had the same realization before he founded the Big History Project.

Imagine learning everything in context; the entire math, science, geography, all of it connected through one overarching theme. Ironically, this is how it works in the real world, yet in education it often doesn’t. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was so impressed with the program Mr. Christian had created that he had decided to fund the program and bring it to the next level with the help of many scientists and developers.

Thanks to this partnership we have a program that is designed to teach the students of today through the means of today. It is created for the volume of information that we have at our disposal – unlike the public school system that still largely follows the centuries old blueprint for education.

Victoria International Ballet Academy strives for efficiency and innovation in its academic programs. At this stage, the Academy is implementing the Big History Project at the elementary level for grades 1–8. Our top priority is to provide our students with a powerful base of knowledge, learning, and critical thinking skills from which to tackle the challenges of high school, post-secondary education, and life in general.

We must be able to answer the question of how subjects fit into the world and into our history, why they are important, and how it all fits together into one Big History Project.


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