Toronto Ballet School: How it Changed our Life

Our family migrated to Canada 12 years ago in search of better opportunities. My husband brought me and my daughter Andrea to Canada to a new life adventure. We wanted to give Andrea the best we could. When she was only 2 years old, she started watching a video of the Nutcracker classical ballet and trying to dance as the ballerinas. We enrolled her, at the age of 3 at a Toronto ballet school. When she was six we heard a lot about Victoria International Ballet Academy and registered her there. At first she started taking only one hour of ballet class per week. She wanted more classes. The discipline, passion for the art of ballet, and fitness level started growing with her at the Academy. We understood how important are the right place with the right teachers. Victoria Mironova, the Artistic Director of the academy, explained to me the benefits of the Russian Vaganova method which has been taught to the best world-class ballet dancers, such as Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Plisetskaya, and others.

As parents, we always want to give our children the best tools to succeed

We can see the progress of Andrea during open classes, exams, and recitals. During the first three years our daughter built a strong technical and artistic foundation to prepare her to perform on stage. Eventually, Andrea performed in the Nutcracker, the same ballet that had inspired her as a little girl.
As parents, we always want to give our children the best tools to succeed, so we have decided to fully support her. She trains now 15 hours per week, and we gladly make some financial and family schedule sacrifices. Seeing Andrea turn into a disciplined, responsible and engaged individual, makes everything worthwhile. In her school, she stands out and feels confident among her peers. Everyone notices a ballerina just by the way they hold themselves.
Our second daughter, who is now 5 years old, started taking ballet classes after watching her sister and her friends during class every day. She was only two and a half years old when she took her first class during the school’s Summer Camp. She improved so much so quickly that she was chosen to participate in the ballet Cinderella, making her the youngest member of the Company. If we ever doubted ballet class could help Emilia grow as a self-assured, intelligent girl, our reservations quickly disappeared. During her participation in Cinderella, she reacted with the composure and resourcefulness by picking up a scarf that had fallen from one of the dancers and continued with her dance. Even the older dancers said to us “she saved the next dance”!
We hear on the news about the terrible statistics on children not being active enough and how this affects their health. I would never hesitate to recommend ballet class to parents. This is one activity where they can enjoy and receive so many good things. Music, energy, movement, gracefulness, good posture, discipline are parts of it. Engaging in work that will take years to show amazing results is definitely a good thing to teach our children.

Alejandro and Veronica