Now that we are at the beginning of a new year we would like to wish our community of students, parents, staff, and friends a great year 2011!

At Victoria Ballet Academy we are still enjoying the wonderful feeling left by the success of The Nutcracker during its four presentations last December. Congratulations and thanks to everybody who participated in this great effort!

As a staff member of the Thornhill Liberal Newspaper said: “Victoria Ballet Company’s performance of the Nutcracker was simply superior to any other performances we have seen…which is not surprising considering the talent you have there”. And this is just one of the positive comments we have received and which inspire us to maintain our commitment of providing excellence in education and ballet training.

Currently we are fully engaged with our regular school year and after-school lessons, and we will continue working towards another year of achievements and learning on a daily basis.

Vladimir Demine
Principal of Victoria Ballet Academy