Congratulations! ANASTASIA LOSKUTOV, an alumna of the day school of Victoria International Ballet Academy, has successfully performed on the stage of the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia, in the Nutcracker. Anastasia is a First Prize winner in the Odessa International Ballet Competition, Ukraine, in June 2012. Anastasia upholds high standards of education at Victoria Ballet Academy. Face Book and Pinterest pages of the Academy show more pictures of Anastasia and other students.


The incredible story of a young ballet star

Anastasia Loskutov as Cinderella, June 22, 2010 Victoria International Ballet Academy

Anastasia Loskutov as Cinderella, June 22, 2010 Victoria International Ballet Academy

When Anastasia was just 7, her physician had asked her parents to prevent her from engaging in any kind of physical exercise in view of her back problems. Wishing the best for her daughter her parents strictly followed the advice of the physician. The doctor also recommended the use of a corset to help heal her back. Then they met Victoria Mironova, the founder of Victoria International Ballet Academy, who was of the opinion that the best corset for their girl would be to strengthen her own muscles to gradually correct any back problems. She added that it would be very difficult to find something better than ballet in order to achieve this goal.

Anastasia came to Victoria International Ballet Academy when she was 8 years old, even though her parents were very skeptical about letting their daughter participate in ballet.  But just one year after that, the doctor met Anastasia and could not believe that she was the same girl. Her back was perfect. Her parents were completely amazed by how much her health had improved.

Anastasia Loskutov in a class with Victoria Mironova

Anastasia Loskutov in a class with Victoria Mironova

On top of that, Anastasia started loving ballet; she was a talented, clever and hardworking child. Two years after she started her professional ballet program at Victoria International Ballet Academy day school, she won first place at the International Dance Festival in Odessa, Ukraine, and was brought to the notice of many influential ballet professionals. She repeated this international recognition in 2012 again.  At 13, she was chosen by the Competition Commission to represent Canada and Victoria Ballet Academy at the 2nd International Ballet Competition for professional ballet schools in Beijing, China, where she was the youngest participant.

At only 15 years of age she had already acquired the wide repertory of a classical ballerina, including Princess Aurora, Lilac Fairy and Princess Florina of the Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Masha/Claire of the Nutcracker, Giselle, Esmeralda, and Nikia of La Bayadere.  Consider also her talent for dramatic art, and we have one of the youngest and most sought after Canadian ballet stars, who has been raised and brought up, as we say, right in our backyard, not in some mythical ballet capital of the world.

Since she graduated from the Academy, she has upgraded her skills in USA and Russia. In January 2013, she became the only foreign student at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, in St. Petersburg, Russia, who performed on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in the Nutcracker.

Anastasia has been quite wonderful in her academic studies too. When she entered Victoria International Ballet Academy full-time program, she had to join the 5th grade after finishing grade 3 at a public school. She worked hard to catch up with her classmates in academics and succeeded. By grade 8 she was so advanced that she skipped that grade to join grade 9 students.  At only 17 years of age, Anastasia graduated from the Academy in 2011 and started developing her dance career.

We will continue following the fabulous trajectory of this wonderful girl that will embellish international ballet stages with her aptitude and personality in the near future. Follow Anastasia’s story on her Face Book page.