Ballroom and Social Dancing

We offer ballroom dancing classes for children aged 5+ and for adults ages 18+. Ballroom dancing is for everyone; it can be an amazing social experience that promotes bonding, confidence, and an active lifestyle in participants of all ages!


Our classes are designed for those who can’t wait to start dancing and for those who may be a little shy to try. Our expert teachers have the right approach to make each child feel comfortable and interested; and before they know it – they can’t stop dancing!

Ballroom dancing is an incredibly rich activity that promotes physical fitness; stamina, balance, gracefulness and is a wonderful opportunity to socialize. Once they learn to dance, children feel confident and comfortable in social situations and have a hobby that helps them lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

And if they are interested in more than a hobby; students can advance to our professional level ballroom dancing with preparation for national and international competitions.



If only there was a fun and simple way to go out, socialize, stay fit, and enjoy music and culture. Well, there is! Ballroom dancing is SO easy to start and because it is such a social activity you just can’t stop becoming more graceful, enjoying music, socializing, and getting fit!

Our ballroom classes for adults range from beginner to advanced and all focus on the one most important aspects of ballroom dancing – having the time of your life!


Who is This Program For?

    • If you have always wanted to try dancing but were not sure which style to start with, this program is for you. Ballroom dancing is a great starting point for dancing in general as it helps develop the coordination and musicality that is needed for all other dance forms.
    • You and your partner have been looking around for a dance program to start together and build up some confidence before going out to dance clubs.
    • You’ve always wanted to learn how to dance but you can’t seem to find a partner – no problem! You don’t need a partner to come to our classes; we make sure that everyone has a partner once you’re here.
    • You want your children to participate in a fun physical activity that can boost their confidence, improve their physical condition, and be an all- around fun social activity. Children and adults stick with dancing because it is such a fun and easy to accommodate activity with all the benefits of team sports.

Schedule and Fees

Ages Duration Days Cost per class
5-10 45 min Mondays 4:45 pm, Saturdays 11 am $15
10+ 1 hour Mondays 6 pm, Saturdays 12 pm $20
Advanced 1.5 hours Any evening Mon-Fri 7:30 $30

You can call us at 905 707 7580 during business hours for immediate and personal attention.