Ballet programs for children are prepared for every age and level. After a year course, in May, our students take a ballet exam in order to obtain a Certificate of Achievement. Students participate in the school’s Gala Concerts in June. Performing on stage greatly contributes to the children’s artistic education and willingness to learn more.

As part of the Intermediate, Pre-professional and Professional Programs, students may perform in The Nutcracker staged by Victoria Ballet Company at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts or in other productions. Some students can be invited to perform in professional ballet productions of Victoria Ballet Company.

BALLET UNIFORMS can be purchased in the Dancewear Shop  at the school.

 Dance Programs for the 2014 – 2015 Academic Year

Once upon a Princess

130610-201242-0344This is a ballet-based class for 2.5 to 4 year olds. It explores the world of fairy tales through costumes, music, movement, and prepares children for ballet and dance training at a higher level.  The program gives children a chance to spark their imaginations, and learn to dance in the unique fun context of princesses and the timeless stories all young girls love!  Our fall session, consisting of 6 sessions, will  take place on Sundays at 11 a.m.  It will begin on September 14, 2014, and will end on October 26.

Request your registration form HERE,  or email us at for more information.

Recreational Ballet

The Recreational ballet program is designed for 3 to 6 year-old children: 1 hour per week.  THE CURRICULUM focuses on the physical development of the child’sToronto ballet. After school students with alumnae of Victoria International Ballet Academy body through stretching exercises, jumping skills, balance, and working in a group, listening to the music and learning some of the basic ballet positions and movements.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Request  classe availability HERE.

Beginner Ballet

The Beginner Ballet program is for 4 to 7 year old children: 2 hours per week.

THE CURRICULUM focuses on the physical development of the child’s body through stretching and physical exercises, and learning more advanced ballet positions and movements. Students learn manners, basic etiquette and simple dances.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Request  class availability HERE.

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate ballet programThe Intermediate ballet program is designed for children from 6 years of age. This program consists of 4 hours of class per week, on 2 days.  Subjects: ballet, stretching, and character dance.

THE CURRICULUM focuses on the physical development of the child’s body, physical and mental endurance, ballet technique, basic theory, character dance, and stretching. CLASS SCHEDULE: Request  class availability HERE.

Pre-professional Ballet

 The Pre-professional Ballet program is designed for children from the age of 8.  It consists of 6 hours of class per week, (2 hours per day). Subjects: ballet, stretching, character dance, contemporary dance, and performance practice.

THE CURRICULUM focuses on learning advanced ballet technique and ballet theory according to the renowned Vaganova Syllabus.


You can request information on our current schedule HERE.

Professional Ballet

The Professional Ballet program is available both for the Day School students of the Academy and for students from other schools who are interested in advancing their ballet technique to a professional level. GET MORE INFORMATION.


Dance is the most harmonious and healthy cultural activity. It provides great health benefits of improved cardiovascular system, metabolism and fortitude.  It helps strengthen bones and muscles, it improves stamina and endurance and maintains dancers fit and in excellent shape.

Ballet is the most influential and beneficial form of dance. It is the basis for all kinds of dance or sports connected with strong physical development, balance and gracious movements. It ultimately contributes to the development of self-discipline, determination, physical, mental and emotional stability as well as mental strength and spiritual health. The art of ballet is so powerful and magnificent due to its long history of collaboration by many generations of developers supported by the major royal houses of the world; hence the most complex science of the human body in movement.

BALLET TRAINING at Victoria International Ballet Academy is designed by its Master ballet instructors. The teachers of the Academy build on 300 years of experience developed by the world’s best ballet school: Vaganova Ballet Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia (formerly Imperial Ballet School). The training is given according to the Vaganova Syllabus.

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Thank you for your excellent instruction and of course to the undoubtedly the most competent and talented teacher of my daughter!!! Even though my child was there for a short time, your instruction, and methodology has had a enormous effect on her. Her improvement was immense and that is credited to your teaching system and to the teacher herself, who was able to transmit so much to my child. After each class, she felt that she did better and better and longed to come back next class and work even harder. At home, the teacher was frequently and affectionately talked about by my child, who makes at home productions, and does her stretches on a daily basis… Thank you for giving her your all. You have effected this little girl in ways that you can not imagine. So thank you for all you have done! Eniko Hegedus