Victoria Mironova and Boris Eifman share the same passion for dance, and some years ago they also shared the same support in their careers by Natalia Dudinskaya, and her husband Konstantin Sergeev, both great Russian dancers and professors at the Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Mr. Sergeev once told a Math teacher about Miss Victoria Mironova, founder and Artistic Director of VIBA: “You’ll have to give this girl a break with your math, she is God blessed in ballet” The rest is history, Victoria became a great ballet dancer and teacher and now just as Eifman Ballet is a great company touring all over the world, Victoria International Ballet Academy is one of the best ballet schools in Canada.

If you still have not bought your tickets for Eifman Ballet at the school, remember you can buy them online with a 20% discount when you use the promo code for our Academy VB20 (VB = Victoria Ballet, 20 = 20% discount).  Performances will take place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. See you at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts!