Rehearsal Schedule for the upcoming performance of The Nutcracker:

November 29, 2009
12 pm to 2 pm: rehearsal of Act 2, Professional and Tuesday/Friday class (teachers – Naira and Victoria) including Soldiers, Horses and Butterflies. Mandatory Attendance

December 6, 2009
12 to 2 pm: rehearsal for all Professional and Tuesday/Friday class (teacher – Victoria). Mandatory Attendance

December 13, 2009
12 to 2 pm: rehearsal of Act 3, Professional, Monday/Thursday class (teacher – Victoria) and Tuesday/Friday classes (teachers – Naira and Victoria), including Butterflies and Waltz. Mandatory Attendance

December 18 – 20, 2009
Information for our students participating in this year’s Production of The Nutcracker

To all parents: the soloists, professional students and Tuesday/Friday class of Victoria have to arrive to Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Centre at 3 pm. The other dancers have to arrive at least at 5:00 pm, dressed in their light pink tights and shoes. If they perform also on pointe, please make sure they have both sets of their ballet shoes with them. The girls’ hair must be back neatly in a bun at the base of their head. Please no bun wraps or coloured ribbons or barrettes, only ones matching their hair colour. The boys’ hair should be neatly cut. All children should have stage make-up on arrival to the theatre.

There will be parents volunteering to supervise your children in the change rooms and on the way to and from the stage. They will help the children with theatre costumes. On arrival to the theatre, please bring your child to the back main entrance, someone will be there to take children to their change rooms and teachers. No parents will be permitted backstage at any of the performances or during intermissions due to the theatre policies specifying the backstage capacity.

The parents, who signed up to volunteer, have been contacted as per the night(s) when we need their help. Please send us a note if you have changed your plans. If volunteers have any questions about time/date, please contact Lisa Thalassinos at 416-417-3649.